Oceanic Solution, realizing the difficulties a business can face in terms of informatics and Internet services, manages to meet the expectations of the customer by helping him save time and money.

More specifically, our company is responsible for the study, design, analysis, construction, supervision and maintenance of the Internet, telecommunications and computational systems of the facilities and their applications.

In more detail, Oceanic Solution offers the following services:

Design and installation of computer systems

It designs the installation of cable infrastructure in buildings and then has the ability to create local networks and to provide the customer with the necessary equipment for their implementation.

Application Design – Computer software

Depending on the requirements and needs of each client, our company proposes customized solutions in the development of applications and design of new software. Thus, the company guarantees not only the implementation of an integrated system, but also its flexibility, so that it will be able to respond to any subsequent needs.

Web design and maintenance

It implements the design of company websites representing the corporate profile of each customer and promoting his business activities in the fastest and best way, while providing the necessary maintenance of his company’s website. Therefore ensuring the satisfaction of its customers and increasing its success rate in the market.

Protection and security of the local network and equipment

On the one hand, our company fortifies the safe operation of all computer systems of your business through the installation of the necessary software (antivirus, antispyware, etc) to prevent malware programs and data theft. On the other hand, it provides your business with the ability to control the space and equipment through the installation of a closed television circuit. The utilization of specific applications in a wide range of devices (mobile phone, TV, etc), offers full control to the customer at any time he wants, wherever he is located.

Computer technical support

It undertakes troubleshooting on issues related to both hardware and software, in order to ensure better functioning and performance of the electronic equipment. In its aim to fulfill this purpose, the company is able to repair computers, to resolve any problems arising, upgrade operating systems and create backups for possible data recovery.

Remote and Online support

It responds directly to potential obstacles the customer may face, in such a way that helps the customer increase its profits and save time, as the presence of a technician on the business premises is not always necessary. In particular, by installing a remotely supported program , our technicians can assist you at any time.

Cloud computing

Oceanic Solution provides a pioneering new service called Cloud Computing. The utilization of this service makes the replacement of computer equipment and manpower feasible. For example, a business can replace equipment in the local network (server, etc) and via the Internet maintain its information/database in the cloud service. Thus, it eliminates the cost of re-installation and maintenance of its network.