Our company undertakes to carry out all operations related to the field of Marketing in any field your business operates in.

Nowadays, as the Internet and information have occupied a large part of everyone’s life, the role of marketing has increasingly become ever more important in the development of businesses. The experienced professionals in this specific field and the rest of the staff used by Oceanic Solution, as well as its external partners, are able to solve marketing problems and propose suggestions and propose integrated solutions regarding your business.

The issues, on which Oceanic Solution advizes upon and/or applies practical solutions to your business, are the following:

Development and formulation of a marketing strategy by using basic tools and techniques (SWOT analysis, Brand Positioning, etc)

Marketing Mix and the 4p issues (product, price, place and promotion decisions)

Examination and adaptation to environmental issues (PESTLE analysis)

Marketing issues

Management issues regarding the company’s relations with its customers

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Marketing issues in global markets

Purchasing behavior issues of consumers

Market segmentation issues (Segmenting – targeting and positioning)

Issues regarding decisions on development and promotion of products.

Branding and Packaging issues

Franchising issues

Advertisement issues

Management issues and promotion of sales, as well as direct mailing concepts

Pricing issues

As the needs and special requirements of our customers’ enterprises are our top priority, we aim to provide the best possible solutions making your business more competitive.