Our company recognizes the importance of financial management for our customers’ businesses. Therefore, it has developed and formed the Corporate Finance and Accounting department.

This department consists of experienced executives with the necessary expertise; as well as external contractors, holders of postgraduate degree in British and American universities of international repute.

Always having absolute customer satisfaction, as its primary goal, , our company not only provides consultancy services, but also undertakes the complete administration of accounting and financial matters of all its firms. In this way, businesses will be able to solve any problem easily, as regards to the following matters:

  • Balance sheets, income statement, cash flows, budgets

  • Evaluation of businesses based on financial ratios (RATIO ANALYSIS) and recommendations to improve rates.

  • IFRS

  • Accounting for inventory

  • Cost- Volume- Profit analysis

  • Accounting and human resources labor cost (labor cost)

  • Overhead allocation (Activity-Based Costing)

  • Investment Issues

  • Strategic management accounting

  • Resources and liquidity search matters

  • Leasing matters

  • Shares and dividends matters, etc