The development of programs in terms of business ethics and corporate social responsibility began two decades ago. More specifically, in Greece, the first programs were designed after the establishment of the Greek network for corporate social responsibility in June 2000.

Business ethics and thus corporate social responsibility contribute many positive effects on society, of which we are all members. Since companies belong to, and constitute a part of society, they must also contribute in their own way and give back to the environment from which they obtain their supplies.

Oceanic Solution believes that the issues of business ethics yield significant positive results not only to the community, but also to the company itself. For this reason, our company’s trained staff, depending on the needs and capabilities of your business, are able to develop business ethics and corporate social responsibility programs, which will not only help the wider environment but also your own business.

The positive elements a business gains from the development of such programs are:

Creation of a strong spirit of cooperation between employees in the company, with the immediate effect of an increase in efficiency within its departments

A morale boost for the company’s human resources/personnel

Reduction of potential criminal acts and therefore potential fines

Attracting morally sensitive customers

Potential boycott blocking

Strong public profile

Competitive advantages by acquiring faithful brand customers

Profit provision not only to shareholders, but also to those entitled to a share in the business (stakeholder theory)

Competitive advantages in the field of Marketing

Creation of a strong name and business reputation

Money-saving solutions through the utilization of renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources